Frequency is the number of times somebody sees your ads, it’s a simple media concept.


Let’s start with what people think is a good question: Is 5 a good frequency?


How the hell am I supposed to know that? Frequency is not only about a number, it’s all about the context :

  • 5 times the same ad on Facebook in a week?
  • 5 times the same 30s unskippable video on Weather Network in a day?
  • 5 different ads on Facebook in a month?


You just can’t say what a good frequency is without any context. The elements that impact the context are :

  • The number and the difference between the creatives
  • The placement where the ads are shown
  • The duration of the analyzed period

And probably others I’m forgetting right now.


Frequency + mathematics

Remember that you CAN’T do any math on the frequency number, you can simply take the numbers from the platform and says it as it is. What I mean : you can’t say that if the frequency for Campaign A is 2 and the frequency for campaign B is 3 that the total frequency is 5. This overlook the overlap between both campaigns in this example.


Why it’s important?

Because you usually want to reach the maximum number of people. I know it’s not the case for all campaigns, but let’s be honest that usually, the more people you reach, the better it is to share your message (if the targeting is right).

That means that sometimes you need to put a limit on the frequency to help the platform reach more people. It’s not only about ads tiredness, it’s about reach.

By lowering the frequency, you usually have a better reach. As a side bonus, people may not hate your ads.