However, if they change their actions based on the information given to them by the app, they violate the user agreement and are tortured by a penetrating character until they die. In a funny twist, the trailer for the film, released over the summer, inspired an app designer, Ryan Boyling, to recreate the demonic watch in real life. Yes, it has a user agreement. No, he doesn`t really know when to die (at least I hope so). But just like in the film, « countdown » went viral; It is currently the number one entertainment app on the Apple App Store. A priest they consulted, Father John, identifies the demon as Ozhin. He theorizes that the curse can be broken if someone dies before their countdown stops or lives after. They prepare a circle of protection to protect them from Ozhin`s attacks, but Matt is lured and killed by the Ozhin, who has taken the form of his younger brother. In countdown, an indie horror tape now coming out in theaters, a supernatural smartphone app works with a timer that ends the moment the user dies. This is a big problem for a nurse, Quinn (Elizabeth Lail, Once Upon a Time), who activates the app and realizes that she only has two days left to live. Thus begins an odyssey where Quinn tries to erase, hack and even cheat on the clock that flies. At a party, teenage Courtney is convinced by her friends to download countdown, an app that seems to predict how long a user will have to live. Courtney is terrified that she only has three hours left to live.

After avoiding getting into a car with her drunk friend Evan, Courtney receives a notification that she has violated the « User Agreement. » When she returns home, she is attacked and killed by an invisible entity when her timer reaches zero. At the same time, Evan crashes and a branch passes right where Courtney would have been sitting. Countdown is a 2019 American horror film directed by Justin Dec and starring Elizabeth Lail, Jordan Calloway, Talitha Bateman, Tichina Arnold, P.J. Byrne, Peter Facinelli, Anne Winters and Tom Segura. The plot follows a group of people who discover a mobile app that correctly tells their users when they will die. There was a strange priest and a cynical technician who were the funniest and most entertaining parts of the film, but in hindsight, it`s usually useless for the plot..