Your entry is required on the parts of the agreement in yellow, and the text in the square brackets we have inserted clearly indicates what information should be inserted. It is recommended that the text in square brackets be completed in lowercase unless otherwise specified. All numbers must be entered in numerical form. Parentheses must be removed after the amendment (to obtain a final form of the agreement). The teaching of severance pay should be applied by the courts, whether or not the agreement contains an explicit provision on severance pay. However, in practice, it is advisable to include an explicit clause, as clause 6.1 (a) (seller`s confidentiality obligations to the buyer) – the seller`s confidentiality obligations in this clause cover all trade secrets or other confidential information concerning the target company or buyer. The clause is not intended to define what is meant by « confidential information », which effectively leaves it to the courts (in the event of a dispute) to decide which information should be considered confidential information in the circumstances. Our standard agreement has been structured as an act and not as a contract, and therefore each party must sign the agreement before an independent witness who can, if necessary, testify to both signatures (i.e.: If the parties sign the same copy of the agreement). If the parties sign separate counterparties in accordance with clause 15, their signatures must be signed on each counterparty independently. The seller is the legal and effective owner of the sale shares (as defined below), being the total share capital of the company allocated and issued. The inclusion of this clause does not prevent the parties from signing a copy of the agreement if desired – it only allows the parties to sign/execute a copy of the agreement remotely, without all parties having to physically meet and sign a version (which can be complicated for logistical reasons and can increase the respective costs of the parties, if lawyers are involved).

This new model is thinner than any of our existing SPAs with short-form guarantees, to reflect the fact that the selling shareholder will continue to be the majority shareholder of the company. If the parties have written down the terms of their agreement, there is a presumption that the written document contains all the terms of the contract. The entire contractual clause is to prevent this presumption from being avoided and also to prevent the courts from finding that the pre-contractual statements constitute an ancillary guarantee, a contract or any other ancillary agreement between the parties. The absence of a counterparty clause does not result in an agreement that the parties execute by separate counterparties. However, a counterparty clause may help prevent a party from asserting that an agreement is not binding in the absence of a copy signed by all parties or because it did not know that it was entering into a binding contract by signing an agreement that was not signed by the other parties. This clause provides that the parties to the share purchase agreement may make separate copies of them (i.e. sign them) instead of all parties signing the same copy of the contract. The use of a counterparty clause is recommended for security reasons, in order to avoid any argument that the agreement is not binding because it has not been executed properly and is useful when the parties execute separate copies of an agreement.

This month, we designed a new shortcut to our sales contract (SPA) to reflect situations in which shareholders want to sell an existing portion of their shares to a new shareholder. instead of selling 100% of their shares and leaving the company completely….