Agriculture Minister Michael Creed said all parties to the dispute had approved the deal, which includes higher prices for beef producers and reform of the sector. Beef deal concludes talks between farmers and meat factories And as the deal won`t enter into force until all blockages have been lifted, there will be considerable pressure to encourage farmers to leave the door. Meat Industry Ireland (MII) claimed that 3,000 employees have been « temporarily laid off » at meat processing plants across the country as a result of the dispute. It was also agreed that Bord Bia would develop a model for a beef market price index and that an independent food regulatory authority would be needed. The department collaborates « proactively » with several potential beef producer organizations and provides guidance on the application process. The first beef PO was approved by the department this week. The agreement commits to an independent review of Ireland`s beef sector by the end of the year and greater price transparency at all ends of the chain, from farmer to retailer. « I hope this agreement will be a first step towards promoting stronger partnerships in this critical sector for the Irish economy and rural Ireland. » A new « emissions task force » will be set up. It will study the beef industry and be managed independently. According to the agreement, the task force will be a forum for cooperation with retailers. M. ITN said progress had been made, but acknowledged that the current « very weak beef market » had « a significant impact on producer prices of beef ».

MII said the problem remains an important pressure point in the sector. In addition, the second part of the agreement entitled « Strategic Structural Reforms » sets out strategic measures to address « structural imbalances » in the beef sector. A draft agreement negotiated in August with the Beef Plan Movement was rejected by individual farmers. It remains to be seen how farmers will react to today`s agreement. Healy said an important part of the deal was the fact that the new beef price index will be introduced from next week. The agreement, which has been seen by, provides that it will only enter into force when all protests and blockades in meat factories have ended. The parties to this Agreement, supported by the Department of Agriculture, are: Meat Industry Ireland (MII); the Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers` Association (ICSA); Macra na Feirme; independent farmers` organisations in Ireland; Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers` Association (ICMSA); movement of the beef plan; the Irish Natura Hill Farmers` Association (INHFA); and the Irish Farmers` Association (IFA). RELATED ARTICLES Agricultural bodies mull proposals as beef negotiations continue As far as it was said, Healy said the IFA had highlighted the damage to the EU beef market caused by « imports of low-quality beef from outside the EU ». He said it had been agreed « to ban imports that do not meet the same strict standards as EU producers ».

Protests against beef prices in recent weeks have shut down two dozen meat processing plants across the state before discussions organized by the Ministry of Agriculture began last week. .