With an agreement in principle, you will have an indication of how much we could lend you. Disclaimer: THE MORTGAGED PROPERTY (WHICH MAY BE YOUR HOME) CAN BE RECOVERED IF YOU DO NOT MEET YOUR MORTGAGE REPAYMENTS If you click the Continue button below, your online decision will be launched and you will be taken to the application page. You can get instant authorization online by filling in a few details. Once you have received your decision, you can choose « Save and Stop » or « Save and Continue » in a complete mortgage application. If you leave the system, you will be able to come back in the future to put your decision into a complete application. Alternatively, if you get an agreement in principle, you can select the mortgage you want to apply for and continue your application online. It is only to attract your attention that the Company no longer offers STIP (Short Term Income Protection) products. References or information you provide about STIP products during your application are not processed. Once you have reached your agreement in principle, you can meet with one of our mortgage advisors at a branch or call a member of our mortgage team. Ask for a reminder to fix this….