The futures contract is defined as one of the federal award contracts governed by the Federal Procurement Order; common law contracts; Other transactions or another instrument. However, Veterans maintenance agreements are explicitly excluded from the definition. This definition refers to the VA`s assessment, in section 17.4115, of the feasibility of care and services through an av agency or a contract or division agreement. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is amending its medical regulations to fulfill its authority to provide care to individuals through certain agreements. Section 102 of John S. McCain III, Daniel K. Akaka, and Samuel R. Johnson VA Maintaining Internal Systems and Strengthening Integrated Outside Networks Act of 2018 authorizes VA to enter into agreements to provide the necessary care and services if such care and services are not available through a go, contract or sharing agreement. This provisional final rule defines the parameters of these agreements, including the establishment of a certification procedure for providers who provide such care or services; Defining a method of calculating rates for paying for care or services under an agreement; and the establishment of an administrative procedure to adjudicate disputes arising from or related to such agreements, including those relating to the rights to pay for care or services provided as part of an agreement.

Section 17.4105 defines object and scope paragraphs. The objective of point a) is that the . 17.4100-17.4135 38 U.S.C. 1703A, as required in Section 1703A (d). Paragraph (a) also provides that Section 1703A authorizes the VA to conclude and use Veterans Care Agreements to provide hospital care, medical services and extended care to a affected person when that person is entitled to care and requires care that is not available to the person provided by an institution. , a contract or a division agreement.