Michigan Transfer Network – Students can access transfer credit information for multiple Michigan institutions in one place. Transfer guides are available to assist you in the transfer process. They offer a list of courses that meet specific course requirements at the transfer university. Please check with your academic advisor and the transfer university to find out if a guide to your transfer program is available. Visit the Michigan Transfer Network website to see how your credits are transferred to Michigan colleges and universities. Look at transfer equivalencies for courses at more than 40 colleges and universities. If you follow an articulation agreement, you can ensure that you are taking courses that count towards your bachelor`s degree while acquiring your associate degree. Learn more about our articulation agreements. Note: The same course cannot be counted twice in two areas of the MTA agreement. In 2012, Michigan`s legislature passed the language in the Community College`s endowments act, which focused on improving the portability of basic education, revising the current agreement of the Michigan Association of Registrars and Admissions Officers (MACRAO) and renaming it the Michigan Transfer Agreement.

The Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) was mandated in the fall of 2014 by the Michigan Legislature to replace the MACRAO agreement. The MTA allows the transfer of 30 credits of basic general courses in Michigan to a Michigan bachelor`s college or university. Students can complete the MTA as part of an associate degree or as a stand-alone package. MTA courses are approved by Community College. Additional courses in each category above to complete the minimum of 30 credits. A minimum score of 2.0 is required for each course. Students can benefit from courses taught by more than one university to meet the MTA, including courses at EMU and transferred to community schools. A list of approved courses at the end of the MTA can be find on your community college website. The Jack Kent Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship is a highly selective scholarship for students from the university community, which is transferred to a 4-year institution. This award provides recipients with financial and advisory support for a period of two to three years. The WCC is proud that in the past three years, three alumni have received this prestigious award. The Michigan Transfer Agreement makes it easier for you to transfer your WCC-acquired general education courses to participating institutions over 4 years.