Services: defined by the word, including product acquisition services, product acquisition services, commission agent services, sales agent services and all previous services with MyPetrol as authorized user agent during purchase, and carrier, transportation logistics and product transfer with operators with an authorized mypetrol pump agent during the process, all combined and/or separately « services ». MyPetrolpump provides on-demand product delivery services, as described under these conditions. The user can order MyPetrolpump services via MyPetrolpump`s website/mobile app. The user can cancel orders at any time before receiving a notification from MyPetrol pump that the product was purchased by MyPetrolpump on behalf of the user as a user agent. MyPetrolpump also informs the user that myPetrolpump`s delivery vehicle is heading to a location indicated by the user. If MyPetrolpump notifies the user that their van is on its way or if the user indicates an appointment window, the user accepts that this window is only a forecast state- MyPetrol pumper does not guarantee delivery at any given time in such a window and does not guarantee that the Vehicle of The MyPetrol Pump arrives within the estimated time. As soon as the MyPetrolpump delivery vehicle arrives on site, either inside or outside the estimated window, the driver informs the user of the MyPetrol pompemp application, and the MyPetrolpump driver does not wait more than five minutes for the user to have access to a container of users who wish to transfer the product obtained on behalf of the user. If access is not granted within this five-minute period, MyPetrolpump`s delivery vehicle will be abandoned and the user will be charged, whether the delivery was successful or not. For reasons such as restrictions imposed by current legislation, the characteristics and restrictions of buildings or buildings (for example. B overhead clearance) or the requirements of some private owners, services may not be available at all watershed sites. We use the right to refrain from entering an area based on the simplicity of access or for other reasons.

In this case, the user should not be charged. The User undertakes that the payment method used for the payment of MyPetrolpump for the services provided either belongs to the User or the user has the right to use the payment method provided for the specific payment of the Services. MyPetrol pompmp herely declares and the user acknowledges and accepts: That MyPetrolpump is not an oil/oil company (or its representative/subsidiary/subsidiary, or in any way related to an oil company or oil marketing company operating in India or elsewhere in the world) and does not support myPetrol pompemp in an explicit or tacit form, no oil or oil marketing company operating in India or elsewhere. MyPetrolpump only provides its users with logistics services through (i) procurement; (ii) transportation; and (iii) delivery of the product to a location indicated by the user, as described in detail in Section II Services. When providing the service it provides, MyPetrolpump acts as a user agent to find the product based on ease of accessibility and distance at the end delivery point and transport the product obtained on behalf of the user, to a location of users who choose and transfer the obtained product to the user`s name in a container/s user.